Developed countries of the Global North owe an ecological debt to the countries of the Global South. In addition to being responsible for the highest historical emissions of greenhouse gases, their exploitation and colonization of most of the Global South still continues today through their multinational corporations with the systematic plundering of natural resources.

100 multinationals are responsible for 71% of global industrial emissions. A large part of these emissions are a consequence of the exploitation of the South, fueling a system of unsustainable consumption and waste in privileged classes of rich countries at the cost of the growing destruction and sacrifice of populations in countries of the Global South.

Switzerland must acknowledge its historic and current role in this destruction and be courageous in order to take the action needed to steer us away for permanent crisis and towards a just social-ecological transformation.
Debt for Climate Switzerland is a grassroots movement led by the Global South, where everyone can join to demand a just transition from our government and economy NOW!